Monday, August 19, 2013

Coulis de fruits rouges and fruit salad

To save the blackberry from backyard and serve it for better purpose, we cooked it to make into coulis de fruits rouges.

1 plate of blackberry from backyard, about 2 pounds,
1/4 pound raspberry,
1/4 pound strawberry,
1/4 pound blueberry,
a few drops of lime juice
a few stripes of lime zest
1/2 pound of sugar

Put everything in pot, cook in medium slow fire for 1 hour, keep stirring,
Drain through a colander.

Topping fruit salad, or ice cream.

Cleaning pot:
As the pot may get sticky, you can pour in boiling water and cool down to drink as fruit tea, 
Or, you can add in yogurt to make marbling design.

As for the fruit salad,
Get any fruit you have and cut to small pieces, add a few drops of lime juice, let rest for a couple of hour.

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