Sunday, August 18, 2013

Double cooked pork

This food is beauty only in its lover's eyes. I mean it does not look good, but very solid good for pork eaters. It takes more than 10 hours till coming into mouth, but super duper easy and cheap and unhealthy.

 3 pounds of cheap boneless pork, can be anywhere, neck, butt or shoulder,
All kinds of spices you have and like, I used cumin, anise, five spice power, parsley, taragon, rosemary, oregano, celery salt, as well as some others that either I don't know name or forger name,
fond de beuf,
salt pepper, wine, soy sauce

Put meat and everything think in pot, fill with water
Boil in medium strong, fire till boiling,
slow down fire to simmer for a few hours, let's say 3,
Stop fire, 
Leave as is.

The next day, take out meat, cut pork into think disc, about 2 cm thick,

Heat pan, put in cut pork, add a spoonful of its own soup, 
let juice evaporate, 
turn around,

You get double cooked, moist, succulent pulled pork.

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