Thursday, April 18, 2013

Candid orange slices

The last day of Coachella trip, we ended taking flight from LAX. A few hours extra before departure, we passed by The Grove and Farmers market.

It was a rebuilt from the historic farmers market. Olivier read me the story of it. The Grove at Farmers Market.

We saw there the orange slice was sold at 26.99 per pound. That price tag gave me motivation. I decided to make it myself.

6 backyard oranges, sliced,
1 cup of water,
5 cups of sugar,

put water, sugar in pot, bring to boil,
add in orange slice
cook for 2 hours

let cool, take out.

It was a failure, the caramel became to hard to eat straight, but I ended up cook chicken and cake with them.

Again, it proved: It is OK to make mistake.

Upside down cake with candied orange slices

I made candied orange slices too hard to eat straight, so I cooked with them.

10 pieces of homemade candied orange slices,
1 cup of all purpose flour,
3 tablespoons of sugar
1 stick of butter,
1 cup of homemade yogurt
half pack of baking yeast,
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract,
2 eggs

Heat oven to 350

Soften butter,
mix in flour,
blend together to form a paste

In baking pan,
put non stick aluminum foil
place the 10 candied orange slices on the bottom,
pour in paste,

Bake in 350 for 50 minutes,


Skinless chicken drum stick with candied orange slices

Back from Coachella, I was ready to eat.
I bought skinless chicken drumsticks yesterday and made candied orange slices. But the slices were too hard to eat straight, so I made into this chicken.

Homemade candied orange slices, 10 pieces,
chicken drumstick, 2 pounds,
salt pepper mustard seed onion shitake mushroom oil, soy sauce, sake wine,

Heat pot,
Cut onion, shitake mushroom and add into pot,
Add oil,
hello with salt pepper oil and spices available,
add chicken,
add orange slice
add soy sauce
add sake
cook for 2 hours