Sunday, February 17, 2013

Steam fish with large couscous

Olivier came home with a huge Costco sole fish and it's me to cook it.

I washed it and found out that the scale was not cleaned. I cleaned and the scales flew off in the sky. I disliked it so so so very much.

Finally I managed to stuff it into the steamer.

At the end, it was surprisingly good.

1 piece of sole fish, about 2 pounds,
salt pepper cooking oil, soy sauce and cilantro, mix to make sauce

Bring water to boil,
Put salad leaves in drainer,
put in fish to steam for 10 to 20 minutes
When cooking,
pour on top of the fish the sauce mixture

The couscous,
1/2 pound large grain couscous,
salt pepper cooking oil, water

Heat one table spoon of cooking oil in pan,
add couscous and stir,
hello with salt pepper
add water to simmer for 10 minutes

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