Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tofu cabbage

This is not our usual cabbage, this is baby cabbage, in Chinese it is 小油菜。Green, tender and fresh.

I had to explain this because when I finished the video, one youtube friend asked why I used baby cabbage and they were so young. They sold it so, and the vegetable was supposed to be this small.

The tofu is fried tofu. If you live near by an Asian market, you will get it. If not, you can use the ordinary tofu. 

OK, all clear. Let's move on.
1 pound of Chinese baby cabbage,
1/2 pack of fried tofu,
salt pepper cooking oil

clean and break cabbage and put into pot,
add tofu
hello with salt pepper cooking oil
cook for 5 minutes in strong fire,

Here is a video of the cooking:

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