Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Scallop with a strange sauce

If I keep using the word "strange" I shall end up titling all my dishes strange, because I am too lazy and couldn't be bothered to read the recipe.

Here is how this sauce is made:
1/4 poireau or leek, cut to small pieces
1/2 yellow capsicum, cut to small dices
4 medium small sized tomato, blanched and peeled and cut,
cooking oil, salt pepper, yellow/brown mustard seeds, taragon, cumin, curry power, lemon juice, white wine

Heat pot,
put in leek,
hello with cooking oil, salt pepper to cook for a minute
Add capsicum, to cooking for 2 minutes
add herbs and spices,
add tomato to cooking 5 minutes
add white wine, add lemon juice
stew in slow fire for 20 - 30 minutes or more or less

blend before serving.
You may need to add some water for the blending.

Serve on top of the scallop.

The scallop cooking is like this:
Heat pan,
add butter,
put in scallop,
salt, pepper
grill for 5 minutes, turn one time so the both sides are grilled.

It is simple and easy on stomach.
Serve with the simplest salad so the flavor will not be over powered.

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