Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cauliflower, carrot with crystal ginger in miso sauce

I wanted to eat cauliflower, but it is always hard to make cauliflower tasty.

Noon today, we went to garage and on way home, stopped by Miyaki and bought Miso paste. Oliver made "epic" miso soup, using his skill acquired back in Japan.

Then evening, I decided to cook my cauliflower with miso, and I also found some crystal ginger. I could not bear the sight of it so I had to eat it.

1/2 onion, cut
1/2 cauliflower, break to bite size,
1 carrot, cut
5 pieces of crystal ginger, or whichever you have in pantry,
1 table spoon of miso paste
salt pepper cooking oil, mustard seed, taragon

Heat pot,
put in onion,
hello with cooking oil, salt pepper and spices to cook for 2 minutes,
add carrots to cook 5 minutes
add miso paste to cook 2 minutes
add water
add cauliflower to cook 10 minutes.

This dish is sweet and hot from the ginger and salty from the miso. Better than I expected.

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