Monday, January 28, 2013

King trumpet mushroom, baby cabbage and bean thread soup

1/4 pound baby cabbage,
2 king trump mushroom,
1/2 bottle mince pork reserve,
1 bunch of bean thread,
salt, pepper cooking oil

Heat pot,
put in mushroom,
hello with salt pepper cooking oil, to cook for 2 minutes,
add minced pork
add baby cabbage to cook for 2 minutes,
add bean thread,
add 4 cups of water,
bring to boil

tofu, brocolli and baby cabbage

1/2 pound meat balls from Costco,
1/2 pound broccoli,
1 pound Chinese baby cabbage
salt pepper cooking oil

Heat pot,
Add broccoli, to cook 2 minutes,
Add meat balls to cook 2 minutes,
Hello with salt pepper cooling oil,
Add baby cabbage to cook for 5 minutes,

Strawberry flavored yogurt with cucumber

2 cucumbers julianned,
1 bottle of homemade strawberry yogurt

blend everything.

Swiss Chard

1 bunch of organic Swiss chard, about 1 pound,
salt pepper cooking oil

Cooking :
Wash, break and put chard into pot,
Heat and hello with salt pepper cooking oil,
cook for 5 minutes.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tarte au chocolat amande

Olivier did this for me. The recipe is from Cordon Blue.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

cabbage, capsicum and celery

An inexpensive and easy dish. Stir fried jullian of capsicum, celery and cabbage. 炒三丝。It can be any vegetable julian. I make whichever available in the fridge.

1 capsicum, julian,
2 sticks of celery, julian,
1 slender Chinese cabbage, julian,
salt pepper, cooking oil, lemon juice, sugar

Heat pot,
put everything in,
hello with salt pepper cooking oil to cook 2 minutes,
add 1 table spoon of sugar,
squeeze a few drops of lemon, to cook for 10 minutes,

Here is a video of it.

Eggplant and minced beef

On Pinterest I saw a picture of eggplant lazagne. So I asked Olivier to buy some eggplant. He bought but I did not make that day.

Today, I came home tired after work, so I make this easy one.

8 long eggplants, about 2 pounds, cut,
1 bottle of homemade minced beef preserve,
salt pepper cooking oil,

Put eggplants in pot, heat,
add salt pepper cooking oil to cook for 2 minutes,
add one bottle of beef preserve to cook for 10 minutes,

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Shitake mushroom, baby cabbage and angel hair

I like angel hair, because it is thin and strong. The other day I planned to do it in my afterschool cooking class but I forgot to bring the angel hair. So we ended up doing with Shandong ramen. 山东拉面。All good.

Here I have some leftover baby cabbage, so do it.

1/2 pack angel hair,
1/2 pound baby cabbage,
5 shitake mushroom, sliced,
salt pepper cooking oil

Boil water, boil angel hair for 2 minutes,

In another pot, put in shitake mushroom,
hello with salt pepper cooking oil to cook for 1 minute,
add baby cabbage to cook 3 minutes
Add in angel hair noodle to cook for 2 - 3 minutes

Here is a video of it:

Tofu cabbage

This is not our usual cabbage, this is baby cabbage, in Chinese it is 小油菜。Green, tender and fresh.

I had to explain this because when I finished the video, one youtube friend asked why I used baby cabbage and they were so young. They sold it so, and the vegetable was supposed to be this small.

The tofu is fried tofu. If you live near by an Asian market, you will get it. If not, you can use the ordinary tofu. 

OK, all clear. Let's move on.
1 pound of Chinese baby cabbage,
1/2 pack of fried tofu,
salt pepper cooking oil

clean and break cabbage and put into pot,
add tofu
hello with salt pepper cooking oil
cook for 5 minutes in strong fire,

Here is a video of the cooking:

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mudslide cake

Namesake picture of mudslide cake

When it is still melting hot

One day old
Tomorrow is Friday, afterschool arts and craft, there is cake.

I am short of ideas, so I made this in the night in a dashing time. I did it so quick that I did not even remember the quantity. So please excuse me for the inaccuracy.

Ingredients and its cooking:
The white cake:
1 cup of all purpose flour,
1/4 cup of sugar,
1 stick of butter,
1 pack of alsa levure chimique,
3 eggs,
1/2 cup of homemade yogurt, or milk.

Preheat oven to 350 degree, melt butter, mix everything with blender, pour into pan,

The black fudge:
1 pack of Ghiradelli chocolate brownie mix,
1/2 cup cooking oil,
1 egg,
Mix everything with spoon, pour into the white cake and mix briefly so it makes marble like color blending.

Bake for 40 minutes.

The plain sweet white cake and running bitter dark brownie make good contrast and compromise.

Kids loved it, as well as myself.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Grilled chicken with new spices from Dubai

Olivier went to Dubai and brought back a lot of unknown spices from the local market there.

This chicken is my first hand on those exotic spices.

2 pieces of chicken breast, about 1 pound,
spices: loomi, (black cured lime power), nigella, couscous spice, salt pepper sumac

Rub the spice to chicken with surgical gloves and marinate for 10 minutes,

Pout butter and olive oil in pan, grill the chicken breast for 5 minutes on each side

serve with vegetables and potato puree.

Preserved mushroom

Maybe I should better call it mushroom chutney. It is a way to preserve it.

Costco is big on everything. Our Costco mushroom has never been consumed fresh. Same today, it does not seem to be good any longer. So I am rescuing it.

1 pack of Costco mushroom about 1 pound, cut,
Chinese spring onion, cut,
salt pepper cooking oil
Spices: loomi, sumac, nigella, taragon, chive, dill, yellow/brown mustard seed, cumin seed, couscous spice
2 table spoons of sake wine, 2 table spoons of soy sauce

Put into pot the spring onion,
hello with salt pepper cooking oil and spices, to cook for 2 minutes
add mushroom,
add 2 table spoons of sake wine, 2 table spoons of soy sauce
cover and heat in strong fire for 20 minutes.

Egg tomato with leek

A typical easy quick and homey family dish, egg tomato with leek.

1 leek, cut,
5 tomatoes,
4 eggs,
salt pepper cooking oil to taste
1 table spoon sugar

heat oil in pot, about 2 table spoons,
stir fry the egg as scamble egg, for 2 minutes
take out eggs
put into pot the tomato. add in egg, sugar and hello with salt pepper cooking oil and cover to cook for 10 minutes in strong heat.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Failed chocolate becomes biscotti

I went a bit more liberal and made the soufle out of the brownie mix. The cake/muffin/souffle lacked softness and was a bit too chewy. So I sliced it and baked 4 minutes each side and made it into biscotti.


Canale is a soft cream and sweet treat. It is crunchy on the outside and creamy runny in the inside.

Olivier did it, according to the recipe on the baking tray.

Pigs in blanket

I was looking for school's galette des rois and I had some trim from from the puff pastry. I remembered one day I saw on Pinterest a picture of mini sausage dunk in a corm paste to make corn dog. I had mini beef sausage that day so I made into this.

I uploaded the video of this, some friends told me that it was called "Pigs in blanket". Boys loved this piggies.

Here is how it was made:
Wrap the sausage with puff pastry trim,
bake in oven 350 for 30 minutes,


Baked pepper

Once upon a time last year, we went to Mountain View farmers market and we saw some pepper and the farmer told us to bake like that and we tried and we loved.

So when Olivier found in Miyake market, he did not hesitate to buy.
Now we are doing it today.

1/4 pound of sweet green chilli pepper
salt pepper olive oil

Preheat oven to 350
Put green pepper in a tray into oven
sprinkle with salt pepper olive oil
bake for 5 minutes.

Cucumber, olive and white bean

Cucumbers are fresh. They look so tender and tempting.
And it is weekend. Friday evening, the time of paradise.

5 little cucumbers, diced,
a few kalamata olives,
one bottle of homemade white bean,
Olive oil, salt pepper

Mix everything and hello with salt pepper oil
Serve with pink rose as deco.

Green beans minced pork and shitake mushroom

This is all good but with one regret. The green bean is too old.

The dish is picture worthy nonetheless thanks to it satisfying taste.

1 pound of green bean, break to bite size,
minced pork preserve

Oh, I need to tell the making of the preserved minced pork:

one pound shitake mushroom,  sliced,
two pounds minced pork,
one full spoon of miso paste,
one tea spoon of Korean chilli paste
one spoon of Japanese Sake wine,
cooking oil, salt pepper

Put everything in pot, on heat, for 30 minutes.
Put in 5 bottles for next week busy life,

Use the left over in pot as a starter to the green bean dish.

So use the meat preserve, add in green bean, add in more miso paste to cook for 20 minutes.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Chocolate biscotti

This is the costco pack of Ghiradelli chocolate brownie mix. According to its recipe on the packaging, with 200 per cent more audacious, and homemade yogurt, you waited the arrival of this devilish goowie monster.
Let cool and cut and bake in 350 five minutes each side.
This one is made with cooking oil.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Eggplant with prune

Eggplant is too soft to stand by any other vegetable. I found I still have some prunes left, so put them in.

2 eggplants, cut to chunky size
10 prunes, cut half
salt pepper cooking oil, soy sauce 1 spoon, red wine 1 spoon

Put eggplant, prune in pot, heat,
hello with cooking oil salt pepper to cook 2 minutes
Cover to cook 5 minutes
add soy sauce, red wine to cook another 10 minutes

Serve with fresh cut spring onion.

Tofu squash

Squash is soft, or at least the way I cook it always ends up soft, if not soggy. Nothing can tolerate it except the inconviniable fired tofu pocket.

1 green squash
2 grey squash
1 yellow squash
1/4 pound fried tofu
1/4 orange capsicum, cut to smallest dices
salt pepper cooking oil, orange juice

Put capsicum in pot, hello with salt pepper, cooking oil to cook 2 minutes
add squash and tofu to cook 5 minutes
add orange juice, 2 table spoon
cover and cook another 5 minutes

Sprinkle pink pepper before serving.

Cucumber and olive

Winter, grey and cold. Stayed at home the whole day and wanted something crunchy, crispy and fresh.

There are still a few persian cucumber, add in the olive from the big olive tray from Costco, drip some olive oil and pepper. That is it.

Brownie biscotti

I made brownie, and it was good, nothing wrong with it.

But knowing how expensive they sell the biscotti, I wanted make it. I have tried long time ago and it was good, so I made it again.

Here is how:
Let the brown cool down and become firm enough to cut,
cut to long, thin slice,
put to oven of 350 and 5 minutes on each side.

Cool down and it will become crispy.
Eat, dunk, blend, enjoy/endure it anyway.

Here is a video of it.

Baby bokchoy with shitake mushroom

Dinner is pot au feu, the long boiled down radish, potato, cabbage, etc winter vegetables. Some fresh green tender baby bokchoy 小白菜,小油菜will be a delight.

4 large shitake mushroom, sliced,
(1/4 pound 小白菜,1/4 pound小油菜), or 1/2 baby bokchoy, broken by hand
salt pepper cooking oil

Heat pot,
put in shitake mushroom,
hello with salt pepper cooking oil to cook for 2 minutes
Add baby boychoy to cook for 5 minutes.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Simple brownie and served with yogurt

brownie with yogurt and groseille
simple brownie
Long time no baking because it's holiday, are we ever short of sugar?
Just thought to back some crunchy cookie, so I took out the Ghiradelli brownie mix, butter, egg and yogurt.
Here is the ingredients:
1 pack brownie mix,
1 stick butter
1 egg
1 heap spoonful of homemade yogurt

Mix briefly,
Bake in 325 for 50 minutes.

To my surprise, it came out so soft and fluffy, different from what I expected.

Maybe I expected wrong. Eat it, as is.

No decoration. Fat and sugary enough already.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Squash and teriyaki chicken meat ball

As usually, this is simple and low tech.

2 green squashes,
3 grey squashes,
6 meat balls
cooking oil, salt pepper

Put everything in pot,
heat for 10 minutes with strong fire

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cauliflower, carrot with crystal ginger in miso sauce

I wanted to eat cauliflower, but it is always hard to make cauliflower tasty.

Noon today, we went to garage and on way home, stopped by Miyaki and bought Miso paste. Oliver made "epic" miso soup, using his skill acquired back in Japan.

Then evening, I decided to cook my cauliflower with miso, and I also found some crystal ginger. I could not bear the sight of it so I had to eat it.

1/2 onion, cut
1/2 cauliflower, break to bite size,
1 carrot, cut
5 pieces of crystal ginger, or whichever you have in pantry,
1 table spoon of miso paste
salt pepper cooking oil, mustard seed, taragon

Heat pot,
put in onion,
hello with cooking oil, salt pepper and spices to cook for 2 minutes,
add carrots to cook 5 minutes
add miso paste to cook 2 minutes
add water
add cauliflower to cook 10 minutes.

This dish is sweet and hot from the ginger and salty from the miso. Better than I expected.

Comte and walnut

This is a typical family appeitif. It is as simple as unthinkable. Either during week days, when boys do their homework, or other less stressed occasion where we snack, chat or party, it is always a fun and pleasing starting point.

Make sure use good tasty cheese, such as beaufort (if in France), comte, gueyere, or manchego and fresh walnut.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Salad with groseille

Olivier wanted to eat salad tonight. What can be better than a simple clean fresh salad with very very minimal flavor. The dressing is mustard and walnut oil, mild and humble.

The salad is simple, a bit too simple with nothing glory. A few crystal red groseille graced it as diamond in the dark (As my son always sang).

It was good.

Here is a video of it.

Scallop with a strange sauce

If I keep using the word "strange" I shall end up titling all my dishes strange, because I am too lazy and couldn't be bothered to read the recipe.

Here is how this sauce is made:
1/4 poireau or leek, cut to small pieces
1/2 yellow capsicum, cut to small dices
4 medium small sized tomato, blanched and peeled and cut,
cooking oil, salt pepper, yellow/brown mustard seeds, taragon, cumin, curry power, lemon juice, white wine

Heat pot,
put in leek,
hello with cooking oil, salt pepper to cook for a minute
Add capsicum, to cooking for 2 minutes
add herbs and spices,
add tomato to cooking 5 minutes
add white wine, add lemon juice
stew in slow fire for 20 - 30 minutes or more or less

blend before serving.
You may need to add some water for the blending.

Serve on top of the scallop.

The scallop cooking is like this:
Heat pan,
add butter,
put in scallop,
salt, pepper
grill for 5 minutes, turn one time so the both sides are grilled.

It is simple and easy on stomach.
Serve with the simplest salad so the flavor will not be over powered.

Blanquette d'agneau a la creme d'ail by my son

This is the dish Manu made for New Years Eve. Cutting onion, peeling garlic, boy! this is a real dish. It came out wonderfully. We give it the highest score, 3 stars.

Here is the recipe:

Here is a video of how it looks:

Oh, I also have a tiny contribution to this presentation. I used the soup. Boiled some cauliflower and cranberry and it became a side. The sour and sweetness in the cranberry as well as its red color brightened up the dish.

Tarte au citron made by my son

New year's eve. Dad made the boys each cook a dish. Manu for lamb and Leo dessert. His treat is Tarte au citron.

We started from scratch. He made pate sable, his little hands were full of butter and flour. Between every job, he could go to play video game. They were happy, reluctant and at the end proud.

Here is the recipe:

It is so delicious.