Thursday, December 27, 2012

Left over ski sandwich grilled

The title "Left over ski sandwich grilled" is just a realistic description of the very common grilled cheese sandwich with ham and salad.

It is our family tradition to make sandwich whenever we are outing. Up mountain hiking,  down water  diving, there is no exception. The result is also nothing unexpected - leftover. No one likes to eat cold sandwich.

The ski chalet has a griller. I have used it when I volunteered in Killarneigh Heights lunch service in Sydney. Also, whenever Manu does hockey in Ice Oasis, he always asks for grilled cheese sandwich. So, I am using this machine.

It has changed the game fundamentally. Love this.

Jalsberg cheese one slice (cheap and tasty from Costco)
uncured ham with maple one slice
salad one leaf
whole grain bread 2 slices

compile the above as a picture,
put in grill for one minutes,
Turn bread only and leave the stuffing untouched,
grill another 2 minutes

Usually at this time, the cheese is dripping. if not, apply necessary extra seconds.

Please excuse for the bite mark. It is an authentic leftover.

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