Sunday, December 9, 2012

Home cured olive is a good success

Here are olives we cured. It is a great success. We had spent so much time and finally we got it right. I am so happy.

It started one year ago, we bought an olive tree. My husband has chosen out of 800 kinds. We watched it little by little to grow and finally came to the stage of harvest.

To sharpen our skill, we bought 2 pounds of olive from Mountain View farmers market from a gentleman olive grower. Here is our method:

Crack each olive open with my huge knife,
Soak in water, weighed by a plate
Change water daily for one month.

Boil water with salt, vinegar and herbs of choice, I put mustard seed, cumin seeds, taragon, chive etc
Cool down, 
Put in some sugar, fresh lemon, fresh herbs from backyard and olive
Cover with olive oil
Wait for one month or so.

Then it become as pretty as above pictures and as delicious as I like.

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