Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gigante beans with cucumber in different sauces

Gigante beans cucumber capsicum with olive oil

Gigante beans cucumber capsicum with mayonnaise
I am having trouble to separate these two pictures but I do know how to distinguish them just through the look. Especially the Tour Eiffel of Olivier.

The first clear picture is Gigante beans cucumber capsicum with olive oil. I bought these beans from Mountain View farmers market. Soaked a day, boiled. Actually Olivier helped me here. He stopped the fire before it got too cooked. Therefore, the beans has a crunchy texture, one of the main reason that this one was a success.

So, there were beans, cucumber, capsicum mini dices and oregano fresh from the back yard. Add olive oil and salt pepper.

The second one just had a spoonful add up of homemade mayonnaise. Of course, the Tour Eiffel.

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