Saturday, December 29, 2012

A sorry looking portobello with egg white

This dish is quite unpleasing in appearance but the taste is ok.
Today is the last day of cooking in this Tahoe chalet. We have brought way too much food in and seems we have to take back a lot of them back the way they are in.
The portobello is the left over. We still have 3 hugh pieces.
The egg white is the leftover from morning. Olivier did sauce Hollandaise which requires a few egg york.
However unmatched, I am going to force marry them together.

3 portobello mushroom, about 1/2 pound, slice to edible size,
3 egg whites, I have no choice. If you do, use full egg makes the dish softer.
salt pepper cooking oil to taste
a few spoons of water or stock

Start fire, put pot,
add portobello, cooking oil, salt pepper to cook for 5 minutes
add egg white
add water bit by bit,
cook for another 10 minutes
all in strong fire

There you get a sorry looking, OK tasting dish.

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