Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chinese cabbage, broccolette and chicken meat ball

I ate the beans from giant bean capsicum and olive dish, then I had some capsicum left and a few olive. Add something else, there came another dish.

capsicum cut to small pieces, about one spoonful,
1/4 of Chinese cabbage, thin slices,
broccolette, cut to the length of Chinese cabbage, 4 stalks,
6 chicken meat balls
cooking oil, salt pepper to taste

Put the capsicum pieces into pot, heat with strong fire,
Say hello with salt pepper and cooking oil to cooking for a minute,
add in Chinese cabbage to cook for 5 minutes
Add meat ball,
add in broccolette to cook another 5 minutes

Giant bean with olive and capsicum

This is the last last last day for these giant beans. I have to finish and I am finishing them.

As I cut the capsicum, it sweet freshness provoked my appitite so I cut them into the smallest dice and mixed with the beans. I found some olive from the jar. Add oil. It is done.

It is quite crunchy and fresh. You do not want to eat alot, a little bit is perfect for freshening up.

yellow green grey squashes with tomato sauce

Coming back home after one week of ski, I found one bottle of beef tomato sauce I made before departure. I knew I could take care of that.

one yellow, one green and one grey squash, chunky cut
leftover beef tomato sauce, half jar,
cooking oil, salt pepper

Put squashes in pot, heat with strong fire,
Say hello with cooking oil, salt and pepper, cook for 2 minutes
Add beef tomato sauce,
Cooking for another 10 minutes while covered

I was playing with my new camera so this got over cooking. It was not too bad. The flavor got intensified.

Plain cabbage

I was thinking this think that and finally I did this. Plain cabbage with cabbage and cabbage. Nothing else. It is good by for its own good.

half cabbage, jullian cut
cooking oil, salt pepper

cabbage in pot, start fire,
Hello with cooking oil,
Hello with salt,
hello with pepper
cooking for 5 - 10 minutes,
Serve with pink rose.

It is shamefully simple, simple ingredients, simple cooking, and simply good to be back home on my only stove top.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A sorry looking portobello with egg white

This dish is quite unpleasing in appearance but the taste is ok.
Today is the last day of cooking in this Tahoe chalet. We have brought way too much food in and seems we have to take back a lot of them back the way they are in.
The portobello is the left over. We still have 3 hugh pieces.
The egg white is the leftover from morning. Olivier did sauce Hollandaise which requires a few egg york.
However unmatched, I am going to force marry them together.

3 portobello mushroom, about 1/2 pound, slice to edible size,
3 egg whites, I have no choice. If you do, use full egg makes the dish softer.
salt pepper cooking oil to taste
a few spoons of water or stock

Start fire, put pot,
add portobello, cooking oil, salt pepper to cook for 5 minutes
add egg white
add water bit by bit,
cook for another 10 minutes
all in strong fire

There you get a sorry looking, OK tasting dish.

Poached egg ham toast with sauce

Breakfast is served with poached egg ham toast with sauce. Poaching egg is asking for patience and practice. The sauce is kind of secrete. My husband proudly made but he did not release the recipe. All I know is that there is some vinegar.

Soft, tender and crunchy. All in one.

Brocolette with chicken meat ball

Tonight's dinner is ravioli of mushroom and cheese. It is very tasty but how can one live without meat. So I made this one.

The chicken meat balls are from Costco so very very easy it is to make this dish.

Broccolette, 1/2 pound, cut to the size that you can pick up with chopstick,
8 chicken meat balls, about 1/2 pound
cooking oil, salt pepper to taste

put in broccolette and meat balls, add cooking oil, salt pepper and 1/2 cup of water, cook in strong fire for 10 minutes.

Note: the water should be added bit by bit, do not put too much at one time.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Stir fried egg tomato

Tired of squash everyday 4 days in a row. Ski by definition is about junk food. How about some student canteen's staple food: egg tomato.

In Chinese, it is called西红柿炒鸡蛋,when the eggs are main.
or 鸡蛋炒西红柿, when the tomato is majority. This is usually what we ate as students back then. We finished the eggs in the ocean of tomato.

Now I am a graduated and married woman. I make my egg tomato the way I like. I am lucky enough not to worry about the cost of either egg nor tomato.

3 eggs
6 medium small tomato, about 1.5 - 2 inch in diameter, total half pound, cut chunky size
half table spoon of sugar
salt, pepper, cooking oil to taste and personal preference.

Heat oil,
beat egg,
scramble egg, cook for 1 minute
take out egg,
put in tomato cook for 2 minutes
add egg back in
cook another 5 minutes
All in strong fire
Serve with fresh ground pepper.

Here is a video of it.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Left over ski sandwich grilled

The title "Left over ski sandwich grilled" is just a realistic description of the very common grilled cheese sandwich with ham and salad.

It is our family tradition to make sandwich whenever we are outing. Up mountain hiking,  down water  diving, there is no exception. The result is also nothing unexpected - leftover. No one likes to eat cold sandwich.

The ski chalet has a griller. I have used it when I volunteered in Killarneigh Heights lunch service in Sydney. Also, whenever Manu does hockey in Ice Oasis, he always asks for grilled cheese sandwich. So, I am using this machine.

It has changed the game fundamentally. Love this.

Jalsberg cheese one slice (cheap and tasty from Costco)
uncured ham with maple one slice
salad one leaf
whole grain bread 2 slices

compile the above as a picture,
put in grill for one minutes,
Turn bread only and leave the stuffing untouched,
grill another 2 minutes

Usually at this time, the cheese is dripping. if not, apply necessary extra seconds.

Please excuse for the bite mark. It is an authentic leftover.

Cabbage with capsicum and zucchini

Ski food is usually shy in variety. This dish is a good example of it. Cabbage, capsicum and zucchini. It's been 4 days since they are there on our table.

1/2 cabbage,
1/4 capsicum,
1 zucchini,
all cut to Juliann
cooking oil, celery salt, lemon pepper (not my choice, but they are there in the ski chalet) to taste

Cooking: Strong fire
Capsicum in pot, oil, cook for 2 minutes, add salt pepper
add cabbage to cook for 2 minutes
add zucchini to cook another 5 minutes

Grind fresh pepper before serve.

Here is a video of it.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Brocolette with portobello, capsicum and oven baked tomato

Today in Heavenly ski lodge, boys had some fries. As I picked up the food, I saw some free topping. One is saute onion, one mushroom stir fry, one capsicum melody. Not big in quantity, but so eye pleasing.
The dinner idea came from this inspiration. I stir fried portobello, then added in orange capsicum dice, then the left over of oven baked tomato, then brocolette, strong heat for 10 minutes while adding some water in between.

Brocolette is much softer than brocolli, and sweeter.

Here is a video of it.

Prosciutto, salad, tomato and avocado

Dinner is simple. A couple of slices of prosciutto, salad with tomato and avocado. This avocado is very tasty, from Chile.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Pot au feu by my son

Manu's homework is a video of cooking. So we made this pot au feu. He did this reluctantly from beginning to the end. It was a very delicious soup.
beef with bones, 2 pound,
one radish
one cabbage
one sweet onion
one onion
2 carrots
2 patatos
bouquet garni
salt, pepper
put everything in pressure cooker, bring to boil, then slow fire 30 minutes.

Serve with old country bread.

Sweet and sour Chinese cabbage with capsicum and shitake mushroom

Two days in a row eating squashes made me craving for soft leafy vegetables. What can be better than Chinese cabbage in this snowy winter day. I grew up with this, and ate so much that it is really hard for me to want to eat even one bite more of it. Well, today is strange. I want to cook this.

At least I can cook it a little bit different from home. The orange capsicum jullian comes out beautifully and the cabbage is crystal clear like jade.

I cooked with sugar and lemon juice. It is sweet and sour.

Cucumber, giant beans, oven baked tomato with caper

The oven baked tomato which we bought from Costco is filled with sunflower oil. It is infused with the oven baked tomato and caper. This has added a lot of taste as well as saltiness. It is not good to eat straight. I add some cucumber and giant bean. Balanced, and all good.

Salmon, cucumber, giant beans and oven baked tomato with caper

The salmon is the same as yesterday. We bought from Costco. They shop for good quality selection gourmet food there.

I am still working on the giant beans and oven baked tomato. The cucumber is the last day before getting back.

Assemble everything together. It is actually quite fresh.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas eve at Tahoe

Marinated seafood with cucumber and beans

Salmon with three flavor seasons


salad, chestnut and duck

This year, we are having a white Christmas at Tahoe.
The food is simple and satisfying.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gigante bean cucumber olive and capsicum

This is very simple, as usually.

soak one day then boil the gigante bean,
cut cucumber
buy market deli,
mix everything
salt, pepper olive oil

Sunday, December 9, 2012

capsicum, cabbage and bean sprout in sweet and sour juice

Super duper simple and the flavor is not complicate neither. Plain like that.

Turn on fire, capsicum jullian, then cabbage jullian, oil, salt pepper, sugar, vinegar then bean sprout. Strong fire for 5 minutes. Done.

Spread some pink pepper as decorator and enhancer.

Home cured olive is a good success

Here are olives we cured. It is a great success. We had spent so much time and finally we got it right. I am so happy.

It started one year ago, we bought an olive tree. My husband has chosen out of 800 kinds. We watched it little by little to grow and finally came to the stage of harvest.

To sharpen our skill, we bought 2 pounds of olive from Mountain View farmers market from a gentleman olive grower. Here is our method:

Crack each olive open with my huge knife,
Soak in water, weighed by a plate
Change water daily for one month.

Boil water with salt, vinegar and herbs of choice, I put mustard seed, cumin seeds, taragon, chive etc
Cool down, 
Put in some sugar, fresh lemon, fresh herbs from backyard and olive
Cover with olive oil
Wait for one month or so.

Then it become as pretty as above pictures and as delicious as I like.

Gigante beans with cucumber in different sauces

Gigante beans cucumber capsicum with olive oil

Gigante beans cucumber capsicum with mayonnaise
I am having trouble to separate these two pictures but I do know how to distinguish them just through the look. Especially the Tour Eiffel of Olivier.

The first clear picture is Gigante beans cucumber capsicum with olive oil. I bought these beans from Mountain View farmers market. Soaked a day, boiled. Actually Olivier helped me here. He stopped the fire before it got too cooked. Therefore, the beans has a crunchy texture, one of the main reason that this one was a success.

So, there were beans, cucumber, capsicum mini dices and oregano fresh from the back yard. Add olive oil and salt pepper.

The second one just had a spoonful add up of homemade mayonnaise. Of course, the Tour Eiffel.