Saturday, September 15, 2012

Green salad

So what do I have there:

romaine salad,

garden tomato,
queso fresco,
lemon squeeze,
extra virgin olive oil

Here is the video of the Green Salad:

Oh, I got some friends asking about why I used plastic knife instead of metal. I can not explain in much detail, but I remember I grandmother always tried to avoid metal knife when cooking fresh or preserved food.
Here is the knife I used:

Fondant au chocolat

Fondant au chocolat

Waking up in the morning, sunshine came to my face, accompanied by the fondant au chocolat made by Leo and dad. It was so good.

This is the machine we made the cappuccino.

This is the Nespress Pixie.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fried noodle and Chinese cabbage

Fried noodle and Chinese cabbage

This is a quick work.

I made the noodle and veggie the same time.

One pound of minced pork,
4 packs of 榨菜,
one pound of 油菜
half pound of fresh noodle,

First I cook pork with zhacai for half an hour,
boil noodle,
then stir fry noodle with 肉末榨菜。
stir fry cabbage with 肉末榨菜
 then serve.