Saturday, August 25, 2012

Yaourt a la coulis des fraise et myrtill

When I was in Compiegne, Yeya Nainai Manu Leo and me we had a lunch out. The desert was fromage blanc a al coulis des fruits.

This was the food from the restaurant. I liked the color and the glass cup. I wanted to make it once I came home.

So I did it. Coulis des fraise et myrtill.


I poured it on my homemade yogurt into the little glass yogurt pot. The background from is from retreat lunch.
Here is the recipe:
one cup of strawberry, cut
one cup of blueberry,
one tea spoon of the lemon skin,
1/2 tea spoon of lemon juice.
one big spoonful of sugar,
one tiny pinch of salt.
Put everything in pot, cook in medium then slow fire for 5 minutes. It will be good.
However, the ingredients can be pretty much very free style, more or less of anything will not fail.