Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sable Breton

I crave for Sable Breton and I want to do it myself. I checked online, here is the link of the recipe.

Here is honestly what I did:
one stick of salty butter, (should have 20 gm more, or a quater more)
one organic egg,  (a bit too small)
100 gm sugar, (not enough)
260 flour
1 pack of French baking chemique
1 stick of real vanilla,

For glaring, one egg plus tinny tiny bit of water

mix butter, sugar, egg and vanilla with blender
put in flour and baking powder
blend in flour (very messy with dusts everywhere)
wrap in wax paper and put into refrigerator for 30 minutes

take out dough, roll to thin, cut with cut, press with fork, brush with eggy water, bake for 20 minutes under 350

There I have the above.