Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baked yogurt with cherry

This the the second time I do this baked yogurt.
Last night Olivier tried and said a bit too fat. So I adjusted, and now I realize that I can be pretty liberal, as long as I know the reason or science behind it.

Yogurt, cooked in low temperature, the milk get densed through the baking. Adding more or less sugar or cream is a personal choice. Good yogurt is the foundation of good baked yogurt. Nothing can save a poor taste yogurt.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baked yoghurt

A few weeks ago, I went to Los Gatos. In the newly opened bakery "L'amour" I saw some baked yoghurt. So I decided to try.
I checked online to picture and recipe and made it my way like this:

I like the spoon reflection.

2 jars of homemade yoghurt,
1/4 jar of heavy cream,
2 spoons of sugar,
Mix and pour into ramekin,
Bake in 250 degree for 20 minutes,
Cool in refrigerator till fresh, 30 minutes up,
Serve with home made aprcot caramel.