Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Marble cake

Marble cake

Everyday I went to the only coffee shop (Starbucks) near my school. There, the calorie of each food item is indicated. I notice that among pastries, marble cake is only 350 which is one of the lowest. So I decide to make myself.

I bought a box of make mix, Duncan Hine golden butter.
I did according to the recipe but with my own adaption:
1 box of cake mix,
3 eggs,
1 stick of butter,
2/3 cup water, Instead, I used one cup of milk/yogurt mixture

The I have some giradehi brown mix. I mixed that with butter and yogurt to make a chocolate mix

Pour 2/3 cake mix in buttered baking pan,
pour chocolate mix.
pour the rest cake mix and stir

Bake for 1 hour in 375

It came out like this,
The surface had no chocolate because it was too heavy,
the inside is a magical marble.

Extremely soft and spongy. I think because I mixed well with machine and I used yogurt.

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