Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chocolate sponge Sandwich with with vanilla cream

Chocolate sponge Sandwich with with vanilla cream

I made a chocolate cake from Duncan hine devil mix. I added a generous spoonful of pure cocoa powder. It was sensationally dark and strong. However, it seemed lacking some smoothness or richness. So I decided to add some cream.

I used one cup of heavy whipping cream,
one generous tablespoonful of sugar,
one teaspoonful of vanilla extract,
Blend for 3 minutes till it form a good foamy whipped cream

Slice chocolate cake into 5 cm slices,
Place one layer of chocolate cake slice,
spread a thin layer of cream,
place another layer of chocolate cake
repeat cream and cake till it reaches to the desired thickness


It was sensationally rich and smooth.
You got the best of both world.

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