Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chocolate sponge Sandwich with with vanilla cream

Chocolate sponge Sandwich with with vanilla cream

I made a chocolate cake from Duncan hine devil mix. I added a generous spoonful of pure cocoa powder. It was sensationally dark and strong. However, it seemed lacking some smoothness or richness. So I decided to add some cream.

I used one cup of heavy whipping cream,
one generous tablespoonful of sugar,
one teaspoonful of vanilla extract,
Blend for 3 minutes till it form a good foamy whipped cream

Slice chocolate cake into 5 cm slices,
Place one layer of chocolate cake slice,
spread a thin layer of cream,
place another layer of chocolate cake
repeat cream and cake till it reaches to the desired thickness


It was sensationally rich and smooth.
You got the best of both world.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Chinese long bean, carrot and tofu

Today I went to the whole food to look for new idea. I saw they cooked Chinese long bean.

I came home, found long bean and fridge, then I cooked this:

1 bunch of Chinese long bean, about half pound
3 snack bags of baby carrot,
2 pieces of fried tofu, cut

Put everything in sauce pan, add oil, herb, pepper, chili sauce and sauce soy, cover and cook for 10 minutes, done.

Marble cake

Marble cake

Everyday I went to the only coffee shop (Starbucks) near my school. There, the calorie of each food item is indicated. I notice that among pastries, marble cake is only 350 which is one of the lowest. So I decide to make myself.

I bought a box of make mix, Duncan Hine golden butter.
I did according to the recipe but with my own adaption:
1 box of cake mix,
3 eggs,
1 stick of butter,
2/3 cup water, Instead, I used one cup of milk/yogurt mixture

The I have some giradehi brown mix. I mixed that with butter and yogurt to make a chocolate mix

Pour 2/3 cake mix in buttered baking pan,
pour chocolate mix.
pour the rest cake mix and stir

Bake for 1 hour in 375

It came out like this,
The surface had no chocolate because it was too heavy,
the inside is a magical marble.

Extremely soft and spongy. I think because I mixed well with machine and I used yogurt.