Saturday, February 19, 2011

Budget noodle soup

Budget noodle soup

I was sick, so sick that I could not even get up to make food for my children. So it was actually Manu, the 11 year old who turned reheated the lunch for dinner on Wednesday, and boiled dumplings on Thursday. Friday, I could stand up, so I decided to teach or watch or do together with him a 火车面条, instant noodle soup.

The name 火车面条 comes from our family trip to China back in the summer of 2003. We whole family got together in Shanghai and we took train to Huangshan. In the Chinese train, the most typical food was instant noodle, it seems everyone was eating that, The whole train was infused in the hot spicy soysaucey smell. It was so tempting. Just as the boys wondering what everyone ate, there was a guy holding a bowl of hot noodle walking to his seat. Train had a little turbulence, his paper bowl dropped to floor with explosion of of that irresistible aroma. Then, I bought a bowl of instant noodle for Manu, went to fill in hot water section, covered, waited 3 minutes.

Then, Manu quietly, solemnly ate his noodle. It was so impressive that it gave birth of this name 火车面条 (Train noodle)as well as a life time memory.

From that day one, Manue has never eaten any noodle soup as delicious as that one. However, it is a sure rescue in time of hardship or emergency, such as when Mom is silk and dad is travel across the ocean.

Here is what I did today,
Boil a big bowl of water, about 3 cups,
add in instant noodle, and condiments pack, (half of the Korean spicy power)
add a pinchful of seaweed
add one egg, do not stir so it keeps complete as poached egg,
Cook for 3 minutes
stop fire
Serve in bowl
Run 1 circles (long enought to let the noodle cool down a little bit)

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