Saturday, January 1, 2011

Yogurt cucumber dip without garlic

Here is another "garlic must" dish without garlic. My teeth still hurt, so I could not enjoy it fully. I hope my dental nightmare will come to an end soon so that I can live a normal life and chew the cucumber.

Nonetheless, the smell, texture and presentation of this dish is elegant and exotic.

Yogurt cucumber dip without garlic on youtube video 01

Serve 4

5 minutes


1 cup of Greet yogurt

2 pieces of Persian cucumber, skin off and sliced

A few drops of lemon juice

Pink peppercorn, crushed

Fresh parsley, cut to tiny pieces



1. Mix yogurt, cucumber, lemon juice and salt,

2. Sprinkle parsley

3. Sprinkle pink pepper

4. Serve

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