Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Minced meat and vegetable stew preserve

Minced meat preserve
Now we are back to work, there will be days that we do not have time to cook for length. So prepare something in advance for the week will make life a bit easier.

I bought 2lbs of minces pork. Heat pot, put in meat, add sliced shitake mushroom, a generous cup of soy sauce, cooking wine and oil. Cook in slow fire for 2 hours and put into bottle to preserve.

Good for a week.


  1. Oh boy I found it! Good idea. But how did you preserve it? I pressure cooker? Or just let the heat seal it since you would be using it soon.

  2. The heat will seal it when cooled.

  3. I just made this. I never read all the Ingredients . I used ground beef (never think to buy pork, I will make a point of it.) 1 onion, 3 shitake mushrooms (needed to use them up) Italian seasoning, salt and of course pepper.I went and took a shower never thinking of adding a liquid. I only cooked it on low for about 30 min and it was fine. Guess there was enough liquid in mushrooms. It might lack a bit of flavor. I will just have to make that up in what I cook it with. But it will be nice to have most of the cooking done when i come home from work.