Tuesday, January 18, 2011

腊八粥 Eight Treasure Porridge

The eight treasure porridge

In my Chinese culture class, I told students the story of 腊八粥 - The eight treasure porridge. To my surprise, majority of them liked it and wanted the recipe.

Last Friday, my toothache problem inflated into severe acute pain. I asked the class in chaos, "Could you please do me a favor? I have a severe toothache and can not talk loud. Shall we do our class quietly?"

We did.

We enjoyed the soup at the end.

Here is the recipe for a big pot good for 10 people
Various sticky rice, white, red, brown, black, 2 cups
Various beans, two cups
Various nuts and dried fruits, two cups
Sugar, (optional)
Water, 10 cups

Soak the dried nuts, beans, and rice for a few hours in cold water
Put everything in a big stock pot, bring to boil in medium high fire.
Cover and simmer in slow fire for 1 hour.

Check and stir once in a while to avoid bottom burning.
Add water whenever necessary.

Adding milk can make it a nutritious morning cereal.

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